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About Censof

Censof is a global enterprise with offices spread across Asia, Pacific and North America. Censof North America is a software solutions and consulting company with focus on providing business intelligence, process optimization and financial performance management solutions.

Revamp and Re-Invent

Censof was looking for a partner who understood its business and used that knowledge to build an awesome website which is unique and which would drive brand recall.
Blufig together with the Censof team settled on a design theme which was inspired by outdoor activities. Given the target audience came from B2B technology domains, this design theme gave a fresh perspective on how they looked at Censof as a brand.

Position matters quotes

We have been working for many reputed and multinational companies. Our pricing are very best and reasonable with some of the best practice in industries.

We work with latest technologies right from Html5 to schema for web development and SEO respectively.

Our quotes for SEO

Plan 1 : Basic

Service we provide

1) on page
2) keyword Research
3) web master and analytics integration

Price 200$

Plan 2: silver

1) On page
2)  keyword Research
3) web master and analytics integration
4) Social media integration
5) Social media promotion
6) Popularity enhancement

How your position matters?

How your position matters?

There has been a lot of debut for why position matters in SERP. Lots of people say position really doest matter when it comes to ranking.

Are we really getting business when we rank 1?

The question is really a mystery! you may rank for any keywords but still you doesn't get the desired out put. Working for 2 to 3 keywaords and your agency say's we have brought the keyword on top and give us our money back!  There is little you can do.

What doest really matter then?

what really matters is the Keywords research. Selecting the right Keywords is all matters.

Watch out this space for more info next :)